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Our DroneDevotion Instagram accounts showcases drone news, footage and tips to its followers.

We bring drone enthusiasts and aerial photographers/videographers of all skill levels together and provide a platform where people can share their work with each other, learn more about drone filming tips and exchange their knowledge with the community.

On our Instagram page we feature only the best aerial photos taken with drones, tips for drone pilots and news  – but there’s more. We want not merely to share aerial shots, but rather, our goal is to provide an insight into the mind of drone pilots, share their stories and processes as well as help the creators get noticed.


As of today, DroneDevotion counts with 9300+ drone enthusiasts on Instagram, and the demographics are as follows:

Top Locations

80% US  and rest UK, Australia and Brazil.

Age range

50%: 25-34, 23%: 35-44, 21%: 18-24, Rest: 45+.


87% Men, 13% Women.

Weekly reach:

4500~ Reach.

10000~ Impressions.

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