Resources for Drone Pilots

In DroneDevotion we understand that drone pilots need many online resources: building your portfolio website, checking regulations, weather conditions, forming an LLC for your aerial services are the many links you will find here. In this section we provide pilots with the best online resources(which we personally use) to ensure success in their drone journey.

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Before you fly

Uavforecast: This is a great site for checking the local weather for your flying site. It allows you to enter limits for you and your drone such as wind speed, temperature and GPS signal to determine if it’s suitable for flying. Click Here

Knowbeforeyoufly is an educational campaign that provides prospective users with the information and guidance they need to fly safely and responsibly. Click Here



Registering a new business doesn’t have to be confusing anymore. Our partners are CorpNet will help you register a brand new business and handle all the paperwork for a low cost to set up you up for success rather than failure. Click Here


Website building

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to get started? Look no further than Bluehost. Bluehost is great for hosting multiple websites at once. WordPress can be installed within minutes with a few simple clicks. Click Here

By far the best domain registrar available due to the fact there are no hard upsells or a confusing website to use. Best of all the prices are extremely reasonable and they always throw in one year free whois guard protection.  Click Here

Hands down the best content management solution available that powers millions of websites including our own. Many web hosting providers like the ones mentioned above already provide simple one click installations. WordPress is also powered by a very extensive community that is home to thousands of themes and plugins. Click Here


As a drone pilot it is important to keep up with all the FAA regulations to make sure you are always complying with the laws. Apart from regulations, the site has guides, a faq section and much more. Click Here
To review the Part 107 Summary, Click Here


People will literally do anything for $5 bucks. Whether that’s sad or not, Fiverr is a fantastic resource to hire people for $5 to help with lots of random tasks. There are people who will rap a song for you, create your resume, make an icon for you, to providing testimonials. Yes, it’s weird but it simply works. Click Here

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