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Daniels Hobbies, a store that had been positioned in Berlin Heights for the final 38 years, has made 34 E. Most important St. its new dwelling. Daniels will supply a brand new spot to buy hobbyists of all styles and sizes with an curiosity in distant managed airplanes, drones, trains, boats and way more. 

The store, owned by brothers Kurt and Rob Gornek together with Marc Daniels, continues to be underneath building, with cardboard within the home windows and cones within the sidewalk, however by 10 a.m. Saturday, when the doorways formally open, the shop entrance might be an attention-grabbing spectacle for any passerby.

“We’re not going to be like ‘the toy store,’ but at the same time, we want to kind of cater to several different aspects,” Rob Gornek mentioned. “Plus, we’re going to try to let the community dictate where we go with it also. If we find there’s a certain interest in this area for something, we’ll bring it in.”

Permitting the neighborhood to information the enterprise is important for the corporate, as is having reasonably priced choices.

“It’s important we bring in options because this hobbying can have really expensive gear and then when you start to get into the less expensive, a lot of time it just gets cheap,” Kurt Gornek mentioned. “But there’s also good gear and models and equipment in an acceptable price range and we’re going work hard to (offer that). … Sometimes people still want to enjoy the fun and the experience, but they’re on a limited budget. That doesn’t mean they should be excluded.”

The homeowners anticipate interactive demos and simulators to attract in patrons.

“Interactive demos (are) definitely going to be a big thing in the store,” Kurt Gornek mentioned. “We want people to engage. It’s supposed to be fun when you go to the hobby shop.”

“We try to make it an engaging experience, whether you buy something or not. You can come in, try your hand at flight and get the feel for what it’s like to hold the controller in your hand and fly the craft. We’re working on a small indoor vehicle with FPV. So even if you’re not seeing what it’s like — for example, to be flying — you can see what it’s like to put the goggles on and look through the vehicle’s perspective, which is a very popular thing now, especially with FPV racing.”

The rising recognition of drones, radio management and trains made the transfer from Berlin Heights to Norwalk a necessity to proceed to supply one of the best service and product choice for the subsequent 38 years and past, based on the possession.

“Berlin Heights has offered a comfortable environment for nearly four decades but the downfall was we’ve outgrown our 450-square-foot, converted 2-car-garage shop,” Daniels mentioned.

“The space served us well from 1978 to 2016. In fact, we renovated the shop last spring to offer a more efficient way to display more products. We hoped it would serve the community well for the foreseeable future. However, since our renovation, we’ve been experiencing growth in our business while the room for new products and parking spots continued to be a hindrance overall.”

The brand new location provides not solely more room and parking, however excessive visibility for the rising enterprise.

“My favorite part about the new location is we are now part of a retail destination with shopping and dining nearby,” Kirk Gornek mentioned. “You can now drop in to get your hobby gear while running errands at the local hardware or grocery store.”

Rob Gornek, a lifelong resident of Norwalk, can also be excited.

“We are excited for the possibilities to help with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) programs to get the next generation passionate about mobility. …We look forward to connecting with the local Norwalk and Western Railroad Club and local RC and hobby enthusiasts. The love for mobility, radio control, trains and racing is alive and well right here in Norwalk.”

The brand new store might be open at 10 a.m. Saturday, and common retail hours being 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday via Friday and 11 am. to six p.m. Saturday. The store additionally plans to have specials for Black Friday, Nov. 25 and Store Small Saturday, Nov. 26.

Extra of Daniels Hobbies gadgets will be discovered at

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